About us

Canoeing in Latvia. The company „Jūras laivas” is paddling gear renter and waterway tourist route servicer in Latvia. We offer for rent canoes, sea kayaks, Sit-on-Top kayaks, wetsuits, dry bags and other gear necessary for your canoeing and sea kayaking adventure (www.seakayak.lv)

How to find us

In Kurzeme (the Western region of Latvia) our base is located in „Avoti”, village of Renda, 25 km from Kuldīga and 130 km from Riga on the bank of the river Abava. When driving from Mažeikiai, you should cross the border at the border post Buknaičiai – Ezere, then continue your route in the direction of Saldus – Kuldīga – Renda. Coming from Riga you have to follow Kuldiga road.

In Vidzeme we base near Gauja, Salaca and Svetupe rivers. Driving from Riga you have to take Tallinn direction.

GSM: 00371 27788081
E-mail: avoti@juraslaivas.lv

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We offer paddling routes and related services in Latvia rivers and along the sea shore.


One of the most scenic rivers in Kurzeme. Falls into the river Venta. If you continue your trip down Venta, it is possible to end the route in the Naba lake. Canoeing in this river is possible throughout the iceless season. In springtime the river is an interesting experience for those who prefer faster flow, in summer and autumn it brings delight with its scenic bluffs and water springs falling from the steep banks and slopes. Excellent wild-life and bird-watching opportunity, great fishing. A favourite for family leisure time as well as paddling events for larger groups with collective activities at the end of the route. Single to four day routes are possible, overnight stays in camping places on the river bank. Base camp in „Avoti”.


One of the largest rivers of Latvia. Subject to winds, which together with the slow current makes paddling difficult. Popular among fishermen. The recommended section of the river is from Nīgrande to Skrunda, a 2 day route.

Irbe, Tebra, Durbe, Užava

Three rivers of Kurzeme, boatable throughout the iceless season. Length of the routes vary from one to three days. Among these three, the one most favored by tourists is the Irbe. Most of its flow runs amidst open-sea dunes along the sea shore. The route ends at one of Latvia’s most beautiful beaches. If weather conditions allow you can continue your paddling trip along the sea shore to Mazirbe or one of the small fishermen’s villages.


Three swift rivers for a single day spring adventure on the water. Excellent entertainment for skilled paddlers. Impressive naturale beauty – cliffs, valleys, spring waterfalls. No insuperable rapids, however the swift slope of the river and its bends is a guarantee for your adventure. It is possible to descend all three rivers in one weekend. If you choose these rivers you have to consider the water level. The most suitable time is from the end of March to April, after the ice has moved out. Overnight stay in „Avoti”. (Parking lot,  place for pitching tents).

The Tebra and Durbe surprises with its absolutely untouched nature, and is especially popular among fishermen and „photo-hunters”. The route ends in Pāvilosta – a small port town with well-preserved authentic wooden architecture.

Pāvilosta is also the Mecca of Latvian wind and kite surfers. It is possible to continue the route along the sea-shore up to Jūrkalne, which surprises with its 25 m high bluffs.

We also offer coastal routes in SitOnTop kayaks and sea kayaks.

No previous experience is necessary for simpler routes. For more experienced paddlers wave-surfing can be very exciting.

Gauja, Salaca

Both are Latvian canoeing classics in Vidzeme. You are free to choose one to four day routes. Lot’s of scenic sightseeing for discovery.


The banks of the river are covered by the greatest hillside and ravine forests with lime-trees, oaks, elms, and ash-trees in Latvia. The alluvial land in the river bights are covered by grey alder and elm woods. One can find lungwort on the tree trunks there. The Gauja primeval hollow is rich in dead and decaying trees therefore the forests on the banks of the Gauja river are inhabited by all possible bird species of woodpecker family found in Latvia. The sandy meadows on the banks of the Gauja and Gauja oxbows are rich in invertebrate fauna. There are sandstone rocks with martin holes and kingfisher nests on the banks of the river. Springs are streaming out from the foot of the rocks maintaining the microclimate in the valley. The Gauja is also significant as the largest salmon river in Latvia.

In olden times the Gauja was also an important waterway. Its banks are the witness of castle mounds, settlement sites and graveyards of both Indo-Europeans – the Balts, and Finno-Ugrians – the Livonians. People living at the banks of the Gauja (Gaujmalieši) cultivated the fields and meadows in the alluvial land of the river. Forests were rich in bee trees as beekeeping was one of the main sources of income. The ancient merchant roads and warpaths curled along the Gauja and later conqueror castles, manors, towns of the Middle Ages towered on its banks. The Gauja is enwound with tales, raftsmen stories and legends. Nowadays one can find landmarks, stone signs and raftsmen anchor logs on its banks.


Pretty much like Gauja, but less populated. A good choice for multi day descents. The Salaca (Estonian Salatsi) is a river in northern Latvia. It flows from Lake Burtnieks in Vidzeme, 90 km, to the Gulf of Riga. The river flows through three towns, Mazsalaca, Staicele and Salacgrīva . The riverbanks feature Devonian red sandstone cliffs, and many caves as well. The Salaca also is one of the best salmon rivers in all of Latvia. Special permissions for fishing.

Additional services

If you choose a route down one of the rivers or in the sea, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car – you can leave it at our base in “Avoti”, „Ventas”, „Pāvilosta”, „Mīlmaņi” and “Svetupes” in Vidzeme. Both offer also the possibility to stay overnight, either in a comfortable tent-site, or in a cozy log resthouse with a sauna. In „Avoti” catering services are offered as well. If you arrive by public transport, we will pick you up at the bus stop.


Prices of the routes depend on the length of the chosen river and route. The price of the route includes boat rent, paddles and lifejackets as well as the transportation of the boat to the beginning/end of the route.

For example:

  • The cost of a single-day 18km long route in a double-seated canoe down the river Abava is 25 eur
  • The cost of a two day 44km long route in a double-seated canoe down the river Abava from Renda to the Naba lakes is 44 eur.